The Best Goodbye Ever

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Thank You.

Thank you thank you thank you! Our hearts are filled with sadness. We now realise that we will never see Orlando again. We will never see his smile, his blue eyes, his enthusiasm for life. We will never again be able to hug him or receive a hug from him. Neither will we ever again sit for hours with him, debating the world, laughing, taking it easy. It is a hard time for us. The realisation that he will no more be with us is not easy.

But we are thankful. Dearly thankful that what we wanted to achieve, we have achieved. We vowed that we would give Orland ‘The best goodbye ever’ and thanks to all of you we managed to do that. In his style. Sophisticated, deep, meaningful, a laugh and a hug. Many tears.

We started this site and the campaign to raise money on impulse. A spur of the moment decision in a very sad and difficult time. The best goodbye ever was for us a concept. Something that we dearly wanted and something that we were determined to achieve. We never thought for one moment that our ideas would be tangible. Our only aim was to bring Orlando home and give him a beautiful resting place. If any money was left over then we would celebrate his life in whatever way the budget allowed. Even if it meant that we only had enough money left to be together, fire one balloon in the sky, share one pizza with all his friends and lay one yellow rose on his grave.

Thank you. Dear friends. Thank you.

Because of the overwhelming response we were able to say goodbye to Orlando in a way that we never thought possible. We did it in his style. Unique, personal, heartwarming, sophisticated.

Orlando now lies in a grave that will be kept and maintained for 30 years. A place that we can always go to to think just how it would have been if this unique and loved person could have been with us.

We would like to share the photos with you. Just to let you know that Orlando will be forever in our hearts.

Thank you.

We will never forget Orlando. We will never forget you.

X friends and family of our dearly loved and cherished Orlando.