Renée and Jill

Dear sweetheart,

You have no idea how happy we are that we had you in our lives. 

You were the one that made us smile every day and you still will. 

Our happiness meant your happiness, you cared about making everyone feel better. Your appearance was hard to miss. 

Your presence lighted up our days. 

Your big smile and extravagant persona made us smile, it made you who you are. 

It created the person we love. 

It created the person we will remember every single day. 

When we think of you we smile, all memories with you are beautiful. 

You were a sunshine in our lives. 

We will miss you every day. 

We will never forget you. 

We hope you are in a better place now. 

We love you so much. 

May You Rest In Peace. 

Renee and Jill